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As if the world didn't have enough problems of its own, heaven and hell are gathering for the biggest battle of all, a 'forced' apocalypse started by none other than Morning Star himself. With an insane plan to prove that God isn't perfect, he enlists the help of a very jaded archangel--Michael--to help his with his scheme. Along with Apollyon, Lilith, and their legion of Destroyers--the 'children' of the Watchers--cataclysmic worldly events quickly unfurl as one lone Philadelphia city cop discovers he plays a pivotal role in how this 'apocalypse' will end.




"In the Beginning is brutal and bloody. Ms. Santiago pulls no punches when it comes to language and violence...It comes at you full-tilt, filled with exhilaration and over-the-top imagination."
--Nights and Weekends

“Gothicly rich from Beginning to End, Cinsearae knows how to pull off an apocalypse.”
-- Book Cover Reviews


I REALLY enjoyed this book. The (human) characters were very realistic, and they interact with each other very well. My favorite human character was Dillon, a younger cop with such a bright personality. As for the angelic/demonic characters, I like how Lucifer and Apollyon played off each other. I found it interesting how Lucifer mentions that everyone blames 'him' for all the bad in the world---when humans should be blaming 'themselves' because of their free will. That's something that might make you think...
Michael came off as a whiny pissed-off punk to me, while Jesus seemingly breezed through everything without breaking a sweat. I was also glad Detective Morley, who was always ignoring Dillon's theories about what was happening to the world, got it handed to him when he first encounters Lilith and The Destroyers in downtown Philly, and then again when he was greeted by his grisly, walking-dead wife at his own front door. Awesome book. I commend Ms. Santiago on a job well done.

Shaun Collins~

I like Southern cooking. I like my gravy and my grits lumpy. I like my chocolate pudding and my fiction smooth, without lumps. In The Beginning is the Ideal Chocolate Pudding, smooth and consistent all the way through.
No long lead-ins here, Ms. Santiago reaches out and grabs you, and makes this book hard to put down, and remains smooth and consistent throughout. A well crafted story, balanced. Apocalyptic literature is not exactly my thing, this story is the exception...
He he, and the ending...

Anton Glascow, Author

I really liked this story! The opening scene is gripping and hooks you immediately. I liked all the characters--Lucifer and Apollyon act like an old, bickering married couple throughout the book, lol. I was partial to Dillon, Vincent's best friend, as he was the bright, witty one who was quick to figure out the coming apocalypse. The archangel Michael's gripe with Jesus was very interesting to say the least! I loved how Lilith and some of the Destroyers tore up downtown Philly and toyed with the citzens and detective Morley, who refused to believe in anything spiritual in the first place! The ending is both happy and sad. This will definitely keep your interest piqued, and will even have you think about how disconnected humans have become with mankind and the earth in general. What lucifer says about the downfall of humans is pretty creepy, since you pretty much see it going on RIGHT NOW.

Heather Winstel, PA