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I love stories that are creepy, weird, disturbing, odd and unusual, psychological, and best of all, out-of-the-box with some sort of weird twist at the end that’s completely unexpected. It can be dark comedy, gothic, noir, monsters galore, ghosts, paranormal romance, erotica, even some gore (but nothing ‘splatterpunk’ or gore for gore’s sake.) I like to offer a medley of stories in each issue; a little ‘something for everyone’.

AUTHORS/ARTISTS/MODELS/FILMMAKERS/BANDS: If you’d like to be featured in an issue, send an email to with your bio, samples/links, etc., and I’ll be delighted to do an interview with you!

AUTHORS: Have a book that’s out? Want a bit of free exposure? Add your book to the BATTY BOOKSHELF! Just send me your book cover, blurb and buy link(s) and you’re good to go, as long as there’s some sort of paranormal element to it. In other words, if it’s a contemporary, happily-ever-after Hallmark-ish story, then sorry, I’ll have to pass.
FOR WRITERS: Stories: send one, up to 15,000 words Poetry: send up to 5, any length Artwork/photographs: send up to seven pieces
PLEASE MAKE SURE your writing has been raked bloody good within an inch of its life for typos and the like. I will not be editing anymore. I fix the ‘small stuff’ like repetitive words, missing quotes/punctuation, etc. Other than that, if I see your piece has too many mistakes, it will be returned, which will lessen your chance of being in that issue.
ALSO:PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PUT YOUR CONTACT INFO ON THE FILE YOU ATTACH TO YOUR EMAIL!!!!!! Yes, I have received files with absolutely no name, email, mailing address, NOTHING!!! THESE SUBMISSIONS GET CHUCKED WITH NO FURTHER WORD FROM ME, so don’t be one of those people! Help make my job easier for me!!


"The authors featured are ACE! I can’t believe the quality of work included here simply because its breath taking and fresh. It’s nice to see an ezine with so much thought put into it for the purchase price. Affordable new horror and poetry that contains the names to watch in the fields of horror…and beyond!"
---Jackie Coupe for

Contributor comments:

Just a brief note to say how pleased I am to have been included in such an excellent showcase.  I didn't expect it to be this good, so I commend you for your dedication and achievement in making such a quality magazine.
--J. Ehrlich, contributor

The issue looks great!  I'm excited to be a part of it.
--A. Beal, author

Wowie....I'll be reading for days! FABULOUS!
D. Dominique, author

Your magazine is great in that it covers dark topics few other magazines set forth to venture.
S. Riaz, contributor

It's a gorgeous publication! The cover is truly striking...You did an excellent job with it. I'm very pleased to be part of this issue. Congratulations! --P. Baltensperger, contributor

The magazine do you!
--C. A. Miller III, author

I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent Summer 2011 issue. I love the layout, design work, and variety you put in there. Just got my copy this week and will enjoy reading it. --Trevor E. Donaldson, Editor: UnEarthed Press


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  The FALL 2016 issue of DGR MAGAZINE includes stories and poetry by Bradford T Brazeal, Pathos, Ray Prew, Matthew Borczon, Tobias K. Phipps, Robert Beveridge, Marc Carver, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Moss Jeffers, Philip Athans, Natalie Crick, Christy Chajon, Jason Constantine Ford, John Timm, Sandro D. Fossemo, Stephen McQuiggan, Peter MacQuarrie, Christopher Hivner, Matt Scott, Michael Tugendhat, Charles Gramlich, Shaun Mclaren, Viktor Wolfe, Ken Poyner, Barry McCann, Jill Hand, Ty Spencer Vossler, Allan Huntsman, David Perlmutter, Christy Poff. available in PRINT here:

 The SUMMER 2016 ISSUE OF DARK GOTHIC RESURRECTED includes interviews with Author Eve Lestrange, FX Artist & Actress Carolyn Seibert, Actor Christopher Weite, and Author/Director/Graphic Novelist James. D. Schumacher, with stories and poetry by David Perlmutter, Calvin Demmer, Charles Mantis, Linda Crate, Judi Calhoun, Jeffrey K. Blevins, Daniel G. Snethen, Anna Sykora, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Jonathan Abbott, Rowanna Carberry, Sheldon Woodbury, Michael Lizarraga, Viktor Wolfe, Sandro Fossemo, Nick Bitzas and Ned Thimmayya. PRINT ISSUE AVAILABLE HERE~

 The Spring 2016 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine includes interviews with Sharon Smyth Lentz, "Sarah Collins" of Dark Shadows, and authors Benjamin Blake, Anne Michaud, Robert Essig, and R.J. Fanucchi. Stories, art, and poetry by Tony-Paul de Vissage, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, Guy Burtenshaw, Sandro D. Fossemo, D.B. Heath, Peter MacQuarrie, Frederick K. Foote Jr., Jeff Parsons, Jill Hand, John Grey, Henry Miles, Rebecca Kolodziej, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Kourtney Sande, Eric Scott, Ned Thimmayya, Ben Finateri, Neal Privett, Garth Pettersen, and Joseph Patterson. PRINT VERSION AVAILABLE AT  DIGITAL VERSION COMING SOON!

  The FALL 2015 issue of DARK GOTHIC RESURRECTED includes INTERVIEWS WITH AUTHORS Yvette Smith, Marie Gilbert, Matthew Carter, Andrew Weston, Carmilla Voiez, AND ARTISTS David G. Hardy and Steven Lisefski; plus STORIES ART AND POETRY BY Mary Trepanier, Anton Glascow, Daniel G. Snethen, Michael Pendragon, Garret Sly, Colin James, John Grey, Rebecca Kolodziej, Rebecca Sarte’ Ron Sanders, Barry McCann, Dustin Sibel, Jay Newman, Peter MacQuarrie, and Sheldon Woodbury. ASK MAMBO! also returns with more dream interpretations! PRINT COPY AVAILABLE HERE: KINDLE LINK COMING SOON!

The SUMMER 2015 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine features stories and poetry by Linda M. Crate, C.E. Stokes, Sheldon Woodbury, Daniel G. Snethen, Matthew J. Barbour, Eric Shelman, Peter MacQuarrie, Omar ZahZah, Mandi S. Lockley, Guy Burtenshaw, Stephen McQuiggan, and Nick Bitzas  Plus Interviews with J.R. EARLS, ARTIST, LARY LOVE DOLLEY, MODEL/ACTRESS/FILMMAKER, SHELDON WOODBURY, AUTHOR, and JONATHAN MILLER, WRITER/CEO of  OUTPOURING COMICS with SPOTLIGHT ON SELENE MARTINS, ALTERNATIVE MODEL. PRINT COPY AVAILABLE AT DIGITAL COPY AVAILABLE AT
  The SPRING 2015 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine includes Interviews With Clarissa Johal, Author, Miracle Austin Author, Elisabeth Faraone, Artist, Justine Klare Stark, Alt. Model, Robin Wyatt, Author, and Arson & Gypsy Lavery of "Karnevil"!!! Poetry and stories by Edward Ahern, Neil Davies, Justin Bienvenue, Timothy Glen Huguenin, Jeff Parsons Jeff Parsons - Author, Russ Bickerstaff, John A. Karr, Yosira Maribel, William Elliquin, Kevin L. Jones, Serena Shores, Darrell Diedrich, Rachel Lausier Tribble, Bonnie Stanard, Linda Crate, Sheldon Woodbury, Christopher Collingwood, John Grey, Angelica Stevens, Daniel G. Daniel Snethen, Tori Schuh, Peter MacQuarrie, and Benjamin Blake. PRINT COPY AVAILABLE HERE: and KINDLE VERSION HERE:
 The Fall 2014 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine features interviews with authors Mark Fuson, Eric L. Davin, Mark Kirkbride, Carmilla Voiez, and Emerian Rich. Also interviews with Nick Rose, Artist, Singer/Musician Venus De Vilo, and Krystal Madison, "The Witch of Sleepy Hollow". Stories, art, and poetry by Christy Poff, A.J. Huffman, C.E. Stokes, A.F. Wickham, Marc Carver, Jason Constantine Ford, George K. Karos, Christina Sylvestro, Roger Cowin, Peter MacQuarrie, Michael Pendragon, E. F. Schraeder, Anupam Sharna, Paula Cappa, Roger Leatherwood, Trevor E. Donaldson, Marie Gilbert, Nicholas Dahdah, and Rig M. PRINT COPY AVAILABLE HERE: and KINDLE VERSION AVAILABLE HERE: 

 The summer 2014 issue of Dark Gothic Resurreced includes interviews with authors Allan Kemp, Danielle Ackley McPhail, Judi Calhoun, and Marie Gilbert--plus interviews with filmmaker Michael Kyne and actress Bianca Barnett, and Steamfunk Studios. Short stories and Poetry by Daniel Snethen, David Stephens, Eleanor Keene, Jennifer Clontz, Kevin L. Jones, Richard Staving, EF Schraeder, Eden Royce, Marija Makeska, Guy Burtenshaw, George Karos, and Marc Carver. BOOK REVIEWS of THE BLACK PHOENIX by Allan Kemp and AUTUMN IN THE ABYSS by John Claude Smith. DIGITAL VERSION AVAILABLE HERE: PRINT COPY AVAILABLE HERE:

The Spring 2014 issue includes interviews with authors Darlene Chavis, Jordanna East, Kathleen O'Donell and Trevor Donaldson, with artists Shiva Rodriguez and Butch Bignell. Stories, Art and Poetry by Pathos, Nik Kerry, Roo Bardookie, Kevin L. Jones, Keri M. Judd, Nicholas Dahdah, Daniel G. Snethen, Marc Carver, Ronald Terry, Aaron Byars, Stephen Patrick, Stephen McQuiggan, Aaras, Nick Bitzas, JFay, Ben Scotti and Sally Rouge. Book review of "Night Crawler" by M.V. Montgomery. PLUS: Introducing ASK MAMBO- your dreams interpreted, and spiritual/paranormal questions answered! DIGITAL VERSION AVAILABLE AT THIS LINK: and PRINT VERSION AVAILABLE AT THIS LINK:

  The Fall 2013 Issue of DGR Magazine includes Interviews with Yvette Smith, Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator, Ian Fetterman, Artist, and Esther Wheelmaker, Author. The Batty Bookshelf has the latest releases from Nathan Rowark, Damnation Books, Jeff Parsons, Esther Wheelmaker, Margaret Marr and Tony Paul deVissage. Book Reviews of Jeremiah Black by Jason Gehlert, Midnight to Sunrise by Rebecca R. Cohen, and Zombie Nation by E.R. Vernor (Corvis Nocturnum). Stories, Art and Poetry By Gary Budgen, Jeff parsons, Andrew Norris, Guy Burtenshaw, Michael Pendragon, Nik Kerry, R. Gallay & Lysistrata Jones, Aaron Byars, Joseph G. Wilson, Michael Lizarraga, Margaret Marr, Marija Makeska, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, Rig M., Mike Phillips, Rebecca Sarte', and Ken L. Jones. AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE HERE and in PRINT HERE.

Stories, Art and Poetry By Gary Budgen, Jeff parsons, Andrew Norris, Guy Burtenshaw, Michael Pendragon, Nik Kerry, R. Gallay & Lysistrata Jones, Aaron Byars, Joseph G. Wilson, Michael Lizarraga, Margaret Marr, Marija Makeska, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, Rig M., Mike Phillips, Rebecca Sarte', and Ken L. Jones.

Book Reviews of Jeremiah Black by Jason Gehlert, Midnight to Sunrise by Rebecca R. Cohen, and Zombie Nation by E.R. Vernor (Corvis Nocturnum).
Stories, Art and Poetry By Gary Budgen, Jeff parsons, Andrew Norris, Guy Burtenshaw, Michael Pendragon, Nik Kerry, R. Gallay & Lysistrata Jones, Aaron Byars, Joseph G. Wilson, Michael Lizarraga, Margaret Marr, Marija Makeska, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, Rig M., Mike Phillips, Rebecca Sarte', and Ken L. Jones
The Batty Bookshelf has the latest releases from, Nathan Rowark, Damnation Books, Jeff Parsons, Esther Wheelmaker, Margaret Marr and Tony Paul deVissage
Book Reviews of Jeremiah Black by Jason Gehlert, Midnight to Sunrise by Rebecca R. Cohen, and Zombie Nation by E.R. Vernor (Corvis Nocturnum)
Stories, Art and Poetry By Gary Budgen, Jeff parsons, Andrew Norris, Guy Burtenshaw, Michael Pendragon, Nik Kerry, R. Gallay & Lysistrata Jones, Aaron Byars, Joseph G. Wilson, Michael Lizarraga, Margaret Marr, Marija Makeska, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, Rig M., Mike Phillips, Rebecca Sarte', and Ken L. Jones.
  The SUMMER 2013 ISSUE of Dark Gothic Resurrected features INTERVIEWS WITH authors KT Pinto, Eri Nelson, S.I. Hayes & Will Van Stone, Jr., Esther Wheelmaker, B.R. Stranges, Josh Haney, Eleanor Keane, Cover Model Jason Aaron Baca, and Artists Bill Didyoung & Jenny Fontana. STORIES, ART, and POETRY by Gary Scheuer, William Panara, MD Duzguner, Mike Phillips, Mark Slade, Linda Crate, Stephen McQuiggan, Eivind Loeng, Landon Hart, Roo Bardookie, Joseph G. Wilson, Marija Makeska, Andrew Norris, Tony Paul DeVissage and Jason Constantine Ford. THE BATTY BOOKSHELF featueres new and upcoming releases by Sumiko Saluson, Barbara Custer, E.F. Schraeder, T.P. DeVissage, KT Pinto, Eri Nelson, The Gratista Vampire Clan, Christy Poff, Mike Phillips, Nathan Rowark, Damnation Books, M.V. Montgomery, and B.R. Stranges. PRINT COPY AVAILABLE HERE, and KINDLE COPY AVAILABLE HERE

  The Spring 2013 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine is filled with lots of disturbing tales, featuring interviews with Sumiko Saluson, Gemma K. Murray, Alisha Shockey, and John Ross. Stories and poetry by Nick Bitzas, Lisa Kelly, Clyde Borg, Daniel G. Snethen, Dawnell Harrison, Daelynn Farrell, Holly Day, J.S. Watts, Nathan Rowark, Christopher Hivner, Raymond Bauer, Linda Crate, David R. Ford, Jeff Mullen, Bryan Ellis, Kelli Snyder, Rig M., Richard Staving, Michael Lizarraga, Garrison Emmert, and Michael Sutherland. The Batty Bookshelf contains new and upcoming releses from Sumiko Saluson, Tony-PaulDeVissage, Christy Poff, Barbara Custer, The Gratista Vampire Clan, Damnation Books, M.V. Montgomery, Nathan Rowark, Tina Donahue, and E.F. Schraeder. PRINT VERSION AVAILABLE HERE, and KINDLE VERSION HERE.
 140 pages of creepy goodness! The Fall 2012 Issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine includes interviews with Authors Rosanna Leo, Tony Paul de Vissage, Barbara Custer, Frank Poe, Jezebel Jorge, and Jason Brawn. Also interviews with Salvatore Rizzo (a.k.a. 'The Deadfather'), JFay of Studio 3B, Nikki Meow and Jay Luna of 'Planet Houston', Indie Horror filmmaker Jennifer 'Aardvark' Valdes and artist Shane Bohner, plus book/music reviews and a medley of creepy, horrific, and gothic stories, art, and poetry from Dustin Siebel, Marc Sorondo, Tim Gerstmar, Pathos, Paul Wagner, Daniel G. Snethen, Stephen McQuiggan, Eric J. de la Cruz, Mike Phillips, Paul! Lang, Makayla Blackburn, Frank Poe, Andrew Norris, Ethan Blake, Anton Glascow and Michael Lizarraga. KINDLE VERSION AVAILABLE HERE. PRINT VERSION AVAILABLE HERE !
 SUMMER 2012 ISSUE:125 pages packed with gruesome creepy goodies! Short stories, poetry, and art by Marie Green, E.F. Schraeder, Kim Overcsah, Jason Gehlert, Matthew Monaco, Patrick Bowman, Angela Hinkle, William Andre Sanders, Daniel G. Snethen, Jon Wesick, Anne Devereux, Dennis Vannatta, B.E. Scully, Gary Scheuer, Holly Current & Randy Fabert, David Perlmutter and Jack Sorrenson. INTERVIEWS WITH authors Alison Strange-Green, James Dorr, Margarita Felices, Trevor Donaldson, Eric Stanway and John Claude Smith. THE BATTY BOOKSHELF contains upcoming/new releases from Trevor Donaldson, Rosanna Leo, M.C. Scout, Cate Masters, Eric Stanway, Aleister Price and Peter Townsend. PRINT VERSION AVAILABLE HERE , AND KINDLE VERSION AVAILABLE HERE .
 SPRING 2012 ISSUE:162 pages of terrific talent!!! INTERVIEWS WITH: Kitty the Tattooed Artist, Ursula Dabrowsky, Horror Filmmaker, Authors Jason Gehlert, Nicky Peacock, Mike Phillips & Christopher Hivner. Plus, A Count Named Slick-Brass &The Crew of The A.S.S. Titilus. STORIES, ART AND POETRY BY: Neil Kloster, Rebecca Sarte’, T. Bowler, Madelaine Wong, Carl Barker, Philip Roberts, Paul Galarraga, Barry McCann, Jon Vincent, Kim Overcash, Jeff Smith & Paige Tatters, Ethan Blake, William Andre Sanders, Samia Ali Arroyo, Yoshira Maribel, Mimi Ferebee, David Sowards, Francis W. Alexander, Alexa Cooper, Linda M. Crate, Peter Baltensperger, R.M. Summerhill, James Ward Kirk, and Michael Sutherland. BOOK REVIEWS OF: The Spaces Between Your Screams by Christopher Hivner, Reign of The Nightmare Prince by Mike Phillips, and I, Lucifer by Corvis Nocturnum. THE V FILES spotlights James Marsters. PRINT VERSION AVAILABLE HERE, KINDLE VERSION AVAILABLE HERE!
 FALL 2011 ISSUE featuring Jose B. Lucena, Carl Barker, J.P. Raley, Phoenix Rupp, Paul Lang, James Ward Kirk, Pete McArdle, Joesph Wade, LaVa Payne, John Grey, Daniel G. Snethen, Eric Shelman, William Andre Sanders, Clinton Van Inman, Carol Lumsden, Chelesea Thompson, Derrick Keeton, Herb Forsberg, Catherine Zickgraf, Alfred M. Martinez, Robert Williams, Wesley Dylan Gray, N. Rowark, Jack Bistrow, Samaia Arroyo, Renegade, Jeff Williams, Brigette Yanes, Mark R. Rinker, Adrian Ludens, Pixie Lynn Whitfield, Harrison Kring, Jon Vincent, David Wallace. INTERVIEWS WITH John Slaney, Horror Artist, Partick Flanagan, Gothic Author and Photographer, Poison, Shopowner of The Poisoned Apples, Nicholas Grabowsky, Horror Author/Publisher, Darlene, Shopowner of "Do Bats Eat Cats?" Paul Wagner, Horror Artist, and Susan Hanniford Crowley, Paranormal Author. THE BATTY BOOKSHELF contains new releases from Justin Gustainis, Mark Sheldon, A.P. Miller, and James Ward Kirk. BOOK REVIEWS of  CEMETERY GATES: DEATH AND MOURNING THROUGH THE AGES by Corvis Nocturnum and GOTHIC DREAMSCAPES by Patrick Flanagan. THE V FILES spotlights Alex O'Loughlin. AVAILABLE IN PRINT HERE AND DOWNLOAD HERE
 SUMMER 2011 ISSUE. AUTHORS/POETS in this issue: Stefan Milicivec, Alfred M. Martinez, Arthur Mackeown, N.P. Miller, Jason D. Brawn, Nathan Rowark, Mel K.F., Jerome Brooke, William Andre Sanders, Sarah Deckard, Wesley Dylan Gray, K.W. Taylor, Philip Roberts, Adam Mueller, Trevor E. Donaldson, Gary Scheuer, Paul Galarraga, Mickey Dubrow, Heather Hemmes, Nicholas Conley, R. Christophe Ryber, Tom Hamilton, David Perlmutter, Anton Glascow, Jack Reese, G.J. Wise, Rebecca Sarte'. INTERVIEWS WITH: Kari Gregg, Paranormal Romance author, Nathaniel Brehmer, Paranormal/Horror author, Gary Scheuer, Horror Artist, Butch Bignell, Horror Artist, and Horror Rock band leader, Demon Boy. The BATTY BOOKSHELF has the latest releases from: Mary Abshire, Tony-Paul deVissage, Scott Prussing, and Kody Boye. THE V FILES features David Boreanaz. BOOK REVIEWS of: "Treating My Lady at Zom’s Rib Shack, The Waiter Inquired How I Escaped the Pot" by Francis Wesley Alexander, "When Our Lights Flutter Off You Can Play Among The Shadows" by Jason Alan Wilkinson, "Antigravitas" by M.V. Montgomery, and "Beyond The Looking Glass" by A.P. Miller. AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND DOWNLOAD HERE
 APRIL 2011 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected...STORIES, ART AND POETRY BY: Russell James, Gregory M. Thompson, Christopher Hivner, Rob Mosca, Philip Roberts, Jutter Caine, Stephanie Wytovich, Ian Hunter, Ron Koppelberger, Tony-Paul deVissage, Charles Muir, Clyde L. Borg, Brian Gaughan, Sarah Deckhard, Joseph Wade, Brownie Ryan, Joleen Kuyper, Ryan Neil Falcone, Toni V. Sweeney, Kenneth Harmon, Anton Glascow and Rebecca Sarte', Chris Castle, Grady and Hope Yandell, Garrison R. Emmert, D. Krauss, George W. Morrow, M.V. Montgomery, Mason Kuldinow, Christopher Newman, Patricia Hollett, Sydney Coelho, Michael Purcell, Adnane Rehane, Calyssa L. Wickham, and Dany Sirene. INTERVIEWS WITH: Rebecca Brown, Gothic Photographer, Kristie of "Little Shop of Sugar", Benjamin Rogers, Horror Author, Dan Dillard, Horror Author, and Laura Tolomei, Paranormal Erotica Author. THE BATTY BOOKSHELF showcases the newest and hottest releases from Jennifer Labelle, Keta Diablo, Cornelia Amiri, Christy Poff, SammyJo Hunt, J.L. Oiler, Tianna Xander, Harris Channing, Michael Swanson, Avril Ashton, and Courtney Breazile. THE V FILES spotlights Gerard Butler. REVIEWS OF: "Tangled Webs" by Dan Dillard, "Uprising: Of Blood and Politics" by Christopher Newman, "Dracula's Precursors: The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories" Published by ReScript Books, and "Dream Weavers" by Grady, Kate, and Hope Yandell.  Available in print and download HERE
 Fall 2010 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected--AUTHORS/ARTISTS in this issue: K.R. Helms, Ken Kupstis, Christopher Newman, Caitlin Hoffman, Rig M., Diane Newman, Nigel Holt, Benjamin Townsend, William, Andre Sanders, Stephanie Wytovich, Nicolette Paige, Rhonda Kachur, Emanuel R.Marques, Timothy Black, Mike Florian, Eric Stanway, Rebecca Sarte', Charles Muir, Corvis Nocturnum, Rocky Caldwell, Aaron J. French, Chris Reidy, Joseph Rubas, Bruce Memblatt, Philip Roberts, Anton Glascow, Ben Scotti, Paul! Lang, David Renfrow, T.S. Nicholl, Edward R. Jenkins, Michael S. Collins, Dee Tass, Richard Baron, Amanda Lawrence Auverigne, Garrett Ashley, David Perlmutter. INTERVIEWS WITH: Shiela Stewart, author of The Darkness series, Audio Zombie Sound, Professional horror sound designers, Christopher Newman, Horror author, Wayne Mallows, Horror author, Jeff Foster, Photographer, and Raven Kelly, Gothic Webmistress. THE BATTY BOOKSHELF contains the latest releases by Caroline Aubrey, Greg Dixon, Kari Thomas, Christy Poff, Angelique Armae, and Alan Gandy. THE V FILES spotlights Wesley Snipes. AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND DOWNLOAD HERE

JULY 2010 ISSUE of DARK GOTHIC RESURRECTED--Authors in this issue: Sana Riaz,Christopher Newman,MatthewPiskun,Daniel Fabiani,Nora Weston,Nigel Holt,Mike Florian,Michelle Willis, Peter Baltensperger,Roxanne Hoffman,Alec Kowalczyk,Gary Bewick Raven,Garrison R. Emmet,Corvis Nocturnum,Brian J. Smith,Tony Svaldi,David Perlmutter, Lanie Shanzyra Rebancos,Michael Upshaw, Anton Glascow,Rebecca Sarte',Rocky Caldwell,David Renfrow, Michael Garza, Luke Campen.Interviews with: Suzanne Rock, Paige Leroy, Jade Perez, Anthony Beal, Calvin Miller II, Tony Paul deVissage, Clown Corpse, and John Neumeister. The V Files spotlights Kiefer Sutherland. The Batty Bookshelf contains the latest releases by Bryl  R. Tine, John B. Rosenman, Teel James Glenn, Brain L. Porter, Cate Masters, D.M. Slate, Yolanda Sfetsos, Samuel King, Christy Poff, Lisa Lane, and Margaret Marr! Book Reviews of: Unholy Embrace by Neil Benson, Whitechapel Road by Wayne Mallows, Eden's Hell by Dawne Dominique, Het Madden by Calvin Miller II, Audio Zombie Vol. #1, Orchestra of the Dead, and The Zombie’s Playground by Audio Zombie Sound, and Dark God Descending by Tony Paul deVissage. AVAILABLE IN PRINT & DOWNLOAD HERE

APRIL 2010 issue of DARK GOTHIC RESURRECTED-- featuring interviews, art, stories and poems by the hottest talents in the horror and paranormal genres! FULL ROSTER OF AUTHORS/POETS IN THIS ISSUE: Nick Miller, David Perlmutter, Deborah Walker, Philip Roberts, Allan Huntsman, Rodney Ramos, Christopher Dwyer, Mark Mellon Jack Reese, Michael Upshaw, David Renfrow, John Neumeister, Charles Muir Gary Beharry, Mike Phillips, Barry Sykes, Kim Thorsrud, Jutter Caine, Nathaniel Brehmer, Aaron French, Lisa Sheep, Gerald Vincent, Brigid Burke, Joshus Biddle, TK Turner, Laura Eno, Kimberly Steele, Chris Castle, Willow Raven, Jeff Mullen. INTERVIEWS WITH: Mahogany Silverrain: Paranormal Romance/Erotica author, Annie Alverez: Paranormal Erotica author, Jeff Hartz of BUZZWORKS, Gil Merritt: Creator of AMPUTHEATER, Belladonna Drakul: Paranormal Author, and Annie M. Vicar: Doll Artist. Artwork by Rig M. The V Files spotlights Stuart Townsend. The BATTY BOOKSHELF features releases from Kelley Heckart, Ronna Gage, Dawne' Dominique, Laura Tolomei, Belladonna Drakul, Wayne Mallows, Mahogany Silverrain, and Tony-Paul De Vissage.  AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND DOWNLOAD HERE

Fall 2009 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, featuring interviews, Book & Movie reviews, and stories art and poetry by the latest talented voices in the genre!INTERVIEWS WITH: Joesph D'Lacey, Candle Artist Jfay,Roxanne Rhoads, Joann Hali, Peter Cimino, Corvis Nocturnum, Kim Sonderholm, Anton Glascow, and Margaret Marr. "The V Files" Spotlights Christopher Lee. FEATURED AUTHORS & ARTISTS: Spider, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, John Neumeister, Kevin Brown, Rebecca Sarte', John Grey, Gail Gray, Peter Baltensperger, Gillian Freeman,  Randall Pretzer, Robert Jaison Black, William Sanders, Janie Hoffman, David McLean, Joseph Gant, Allan Huntsman, Rig M., Justin Ehrlich, Robert Eccles, David Renfrow, Anthony Beal, Daniel P. Coughlin, Kenneth Johnson. BATTY BOOKSHELF latest releases from: John Neumeister, Rick McQuiston, Roxanne Rhoads, Mark Mellon, Lisa Lane, Sara Humphreys, Kari Thomas, Joseph D'Lacey, M.C. Scout, Allan Azouz, Kody Boye, Laura Tolomei. AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND DOWNLOAD HERE

SPRING 2009 ISSUE--- INTERVIEWS WITH Amanda Norman, Gothic Photographer, Kim Richards, Author, and Ken Kupstis, Author. BATTY BOOKSHELF contains new and upcoming releases from today’s hottest authors! (This issue’s listing includes works by Kody Boye, D. Renee Bagby, Angela Cameron, Kim Richards, Kim McDougall, Keta Diablo, Justin Gustainis, Jane Toombs, Tyree Kimber, Cornelia Amiri, Dawn Olexa, Helen McCabe, Pati Nagle, John L. Neumeister, Cricket Sawyer, C.H. Scarlett, Linda Suzane, William Maltese, Christy Poff, and Margaret Marr!) POETRY STORIES AND ART BY Camille McKeever, Angel Favazza, Kim Hensler, Jack Reese, P.M. Harrison, Kassandra Davis, Kody Boye, Doyle Angeles, and John Neumeister. THE V FILES Spotlights Yvonne DeCarlo! AVAILABLE HERE 

FALL '08 ISSUE OUT NOW-- Including works by Kody Boye, Ashley Applebee, Anton Glascow, Camille McKeever, Angel Favazza, Kassandra Davis, Spider, Phylis Sullivan, Mia Cole, John Grey, John Neumeister, Rig M., and more, plus interviews with Gothic artists Andro Kristian and Dirk Strangely, and authors Kym Hackenberger & Melody Lowe. Available HERE

Featuring Interviews with The Young Werewolves, Author and Kutztown University Professor Curt Herr, and Dark Artist, Jesse Lindsay. Also featuring stories, art and poetry by Anton Glascow, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, Kassandra Davis, John Neumeister, Cylis Derrens, Kody Boye, Rig M., Lanaia Lee, Camille McKeever, Darknyss, and more.  AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND DOWNLOAD HERE.

FALL 2007 ISSUE--- Interviews with: Corvus Corax, Creature Feature, Bobbie Weiner of Bloody Mary Makeup, and Author Pamela K. Kinney. Stories and Poetry by Jackie Coupe, Kody Boye, Spider, John Neumeister, Charles Diggs and tons of others...Also introducing two new comic series by Kassandra Davis and John Neumeister! Check out the Batty Bookshelf for the latest in new releases by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, Rick R. Reed, Tabitha Shay, The Midnight Muses and more! Plus Gothic artwork by Immortal Darkness and Darknyss (who was the featured artist in the Spring issue below!). Be sure to also check out the review on The Black Rose Poet's Society's first poetry collection, entitled, "Symphony of Shadows". Plus don't miss an article on America's most historical (and haunted) prison, Eastern State Penitentiary, complete with photos, done by yours truly! AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND DOWNLOAD HERE.

SPRING 2007 ISSUE--Artwork and Interviews with Darknyss and graphic designer Jason Beam,  Yazbelle, creator of the Bochos, Graeme of Ghosts Destroy Us, Kristen Battestella, vampire/gothic author, and master author of horror stories, Nicholas Grabowsky. Also--poetry and short stories from Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, Jackie Coupe, Dave Halk, Spider, John Neumeister,  J.L. Day, Erica Tyler-Haw, Leanne Bridgewater, and Countess Celina. AVAILABLE HERE


FALL 2005 ISSUE--FEATURING STORIES BY: John Claude Smith, Dave Halk, Pamela K. Kinney, Spider, Cornelia Amiri, Jackie Coupe, Sierra DaFoe, Melissa Glisan. FEATURED INTERVIEWS: Jeff Diehm, lead singer of The Last Dance, Andrea Dean VanScoyoc, Horror Sinistria Author, and Christy Poff, Paranormal Author.  AVAILABLE HERE