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An Anthology of Spine Tingling Terror

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"...entertaining and enjoyable..."~ GoodReads Review

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Featuring eleven short stories of the monsters we've all come to know, and even love, it opens the door to a few new ones...especially one breed in particular that loves to justify all the evils that they do...

In "Somezombie to Love" college student Kyle is killed by a drunken driver and awakens days later in a shallow ditch by the roadside. Cracking undead jokes about his newfound predicament that would make one cry with laughter (or pity), he makes his way back to campus and his girlfriend Jill, but when he comes face-to-face with his killer, it only gets more hilarious from there...

In "Doppelganger" Terrell, an insensitive, lecherous and selfish hard-ass when it comes to the game of life gets a hard deal of his own when he gets paid a visit by...himself.

In "The New Kid", it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...or an arm...or a liver, leg, or spleen...a bet made by one of Peter's friends leads them into more than just inviting the new kid, Grendel, to join them in a few Halloween leads them closer to their own deaths as they get a hairy, unexpected surprise by the misunderstood teen...

In "Wrong", a teenaged outcast is shunned and treated cruelly by family and peers alike for years, leaving her to figure out why she is hated so. Expelled from school and eventually admitted to a psych hospital for speaking her mind ---a.k.a 'the truth' ---too much, she eventually learns what she really is...earning her freedom from the world.

In "Killer Queen", Detective Hart is assigned to a most curious case...wealthy, older gentlemen are disappearing from the town, leading him to the enigmatic, dark, yet beautiful Miss D, the "Yellow Dame" who claims to be a simple girl with simple tastes---but one sweet secret she's hiding from the detective just might be the delicious death of him...

Read these stories and more, plus a special snarky note to humanity from Lucifer himself.

From darkly humorous, to gothic and somber, to thought-provoking, and making the hairs on the back of your neck rise, Creepy Crawlers will have you rethinking the world of the typical clichéd creature, because sometimes, the real monsters are the ones who live right next door to you...

Features the story, "Bad Phone Call", a first place winner in The National Haunters Convention's 2011 short story competition.

More Twisted Quirky Tales of Terror

Engorge yourself on a second round of the heebie-jeebies and 
things that will make you feel like little bug legs (or worse) are 
crawling on your skin. Come face-to-face with some real monsters 
(aka: humans) or take a jab at those tired, old standbys: zombies. 

Ever wondered what would happen if a vampire and a zombie 
duked it out? What a date with a demon would be like? If you
still lived with your deceased ex? What happens to your corpse 
once you’re six feet under? Creepy Crawlers 2 consists of 
thirteen disturbing and darkly humorous short stories, plus a 
rather tongue-in-cheek guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

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