BLOOD TOUCH- Website of Author/Artist Cinsearae S.





Read WISHES, The Horror Novel, and more Speculative Fiction by G. W. Huber

Horror Author Lee Pletzers

Angel Favazza "An American poet"

Website of dear friend and rising author, Kody Boye!

Official website of Nicholas Grabowski!

Official website of Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc!

David A. Wilson, for his novel, 'CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE'

Website of dear friend and upcoming author Evelyn Arroyo!


Lance Colton, (aka) 'Fuzzy', has a lot of poetry you should check out.


Linda Walker has a very inspiring and extremely helpful book for those that battle with weight loss. Her website is informative and unbiased, with no gimmicks or tricks when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off! Find her book here:
and her websitehere:




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