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Just the slightest tweak in history makes all the difference in its outcome...

Tudor England. It is during the reign of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. As her time in power nears an end, Anne is greatly disheartened by the false accusations of adultery, high treason and incest she is arrested for, and the cold-heartedness of her father for his lack of defense in her honor. Upon her death, she vows revenge on those who have wronged her, and the simple change of her death sentence from beheading to hanging grants her the opportunity to execute her wish on those who betrayed her.

Unknown forces of inconceivable dark magic abounds. Anne discovers she has risen from her grave because of her denouncement of God just moments before her hanging, and resurrects two others from their untimely, wrongful deaths--her brother, George, and her favorite court musician and dear friend, Mark Smeaton. This unlikely trio will drive Whitehall Palace to madness, bringing those closest to Anne to their knees, begging for mercy and forgiveness.

Once Anne executes her justice among those who have failed her, the last and final question will be whether Anne will finally have peace, or find comfort in haunting England forever.


Praises for BOLEYN--Tudor Vampire

The method this story is told in is extremely exciting and still heartwarming. The characters are strong willed and brutally honest in their dealings. It is a wonderful novel, both intensely exciting and sweetly charming all at the same time. It is definitely a delightful (if somewhat gory) escapist read.~ Night Owl Reviews

"I enjoy a good Vampire story from time to time, I really like how dark and disturbing some parts of this book were, the revenge of Anne Boleyn kicks ass because if you do not know the true history behind the Tudor family you have got to read about it!!" Ohio Girl Talks

For those of you who enjoy historical fiction, Boleyn: Tudor Vampire is a book worth checking

BOLEYN: TUDOR VAMPIRE is a graphic tale, as Anne’s methods of revenge are quite shocking at times. Cinsearae S. does a great job at showing us a different side of these historical figures but it is the sense of atmosphere that truly makes this tale memorable. The lush, vivid descriptions bring history to life in a way that I’m sure would have made even King Henry VIII’s head roll! Bravo!  (4 1/2 stars)

"Although the transformation of real historical figures into paranormal beings is a frequent occurrence (see Lucy Weston’s Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer and Kate Pierce’s Blood of the Rose), Boleyn: Tudor Vampire is a darker thriller. The story line vividly depicts the precarious life of those residing in Henry’s court, but once the threesome return it becomes even bloodier. Fans will appreciate this wrongfully murdered by state execution Anne and her companions as they bite their way back until the undead queen learns that the future belongs to her daughter."--Harriet Klausner, reviewer

"Boleyn -- Tudor Vampire,  is a fun read!...There were several times I laughed while reading this story, and several times I cringed--the details of the undead will at times turn your stomach...If you're up for a quick, entertaining story with a bit of history and a bit of the undead, then I suggest you read Boleyn -- Tudor Vampire."--History Undressed

"Boleyn – Tudor Vampire  is the incredible “untold” story of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England and wife to King Henry VIII.  The Author, Cinsearae S., has taken a piece of history and wrapped it around an amazing story of love and hate, devotion and deceit, betrayal and compassion but most of all revenge...Cinsearae S.’s story of Anne Boleyn is exceptional.  It almost seems this is the story written “between the lines” in history.  She does an excellent job of keeping with the facts of history and uniquely weaves her darker tale within.  You will be hooked from the very beginning."--Paranormal Romance Guild

"Boleyn, Tudor Vampire
is a bit of a romp.  There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek going on here, and I for one, relished the tromping ol’ Henry gets by his very-wronged queen.  It’s about time someone gave the old boy what-for.  Mark Smeaton’s comments are a delight and the reactions of the Court to the hauntings are both horrifying and hilarious.  It’s a supernatural tweaking of Tudor history combined with graveyard humor. A story to sit back, read, and savor." Tony-Paul de Vissage, Author, Dark God Descending

"I don’t think I have every read a book quite like Boleyn – Tudor Vampire...I read this book in 2 days... The scene descriptions are vivid, very believable and at time became quite gruesome ...But I have to admit that it became a book that I had a very hard time putting down.  If you are a Vampire Genre Reader, you will absolutely love this one."~Martha Cheves, Author, Stir, Laugh, Repeat

"I read the preview of this book, very eager to read more, and the the rest of it did NOT disappoint!! Being told in Anne's POV, we get to see many sides to her--her logical side, her religious side, and her devilish side, all executed in a fashion only Anne could have done if the horrors of a vampire really did happen to her in real life!... Tudor history has been turned on its head and then some! Now THIS is an Anne for the ages, an Anne you've never seen before, and if you're a horror fan, you'll be happy she got her revenge the way she did! Vamps, zombies, ghosts--this book has it all, with Tudor flair!~ Shaun Collins,

"I only have one word...WOW. Boleyn Tudor Vampire is unlike any other vampire novel I have ever read. It is sexy, action packed, thrilling, and leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Right from the first few sentences, I was hooked... She has a way of writing you into the pages and right into the moment. I have to warn gentle readers, however, that this book is not for those who possess weak stomachs. There are many graphic sexual encounters as well as bloody violence. Anne really kicked ass in this version of her tale...Cinsearae has written an amazing novel. Her writing is so vivid that it takes you straight into the heart of the story in just a few short sentences!--Christina,

"This book takes an imaginative and sinister look at the true story of Queen Anne Boleyn of Enlgand. In real life, she was beheaded but venerated as a martyr and heroine of the English Reformation by her Daughter, Queen Elizabeth, after her beheading. In this novel however, she returns from the grave to get her long due revenge against those who wrongly accused her. I like the way the author doesn't omit facts and has obviously done her research; she made me want to do research on the real person just to compare. While parts of the book are very dark and disturbing, it also has some funny graveyard humor moments and is very hard to put down. Its well written and Cinearae S. shows her great ability to take an existing story, which I think would make a great medieval crime drama, and turn it into a story full of horror, blood, betrayal, and revenge....Anne is one bad ass woman scorned that you will fall in love and root for."--Rohnny Reaper,

"Thoroughly engaging, Boleyn Tudor Vampire is a refreshing spin on the Vampire genre. Anne the Vampire is relentless and merciless in her pursuit of restitution. I found myself both amused and shocked by the ways in which Anne exacts her revenge. For those not so historically minded, just reading this book will spark a genuine interest in the real history of The Tudors, and the woman herself - Anne Boleyn."--The Vampire's Sanctum

"I enjoyed Boleyn Tudor Vampire very much. It was action packed and made me feel like I was watching everything happen. The detail was wonderful and it kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. It took me two days to read Boleyn Tudor Vampire and that’s hard for me to do being a mom and working all day. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone that likes vampires and old England. It is unlike anything that I have ever read and at first I didn’t know if it would be something that would keep my interest but once I got started I couldn’t stop. "

"In Boleyn: Tudor Vampire, Ms. Santiago brings readers a dark fictional tale involving Anne Boleyn after her death.The story also has its share of rotting, grave-encrusted zombies, which Anne raises to do her bidding. Santiago’s descriptions are so vivid that I actually became a little nauseous—so if you love gore, you’ll greatly enjoy that aspect of the novel...Boleyn: Tudor Vampire is an immensely entertaining and well-written novel. It offers an intelligent (albeit vindictive) and sometimes humorous take on what Queen Anne might have done to get her revenge—and it all comes together in a satisfying manner."--Nights and Weekends


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