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Set in Philadelphia, the first three novellas of the ABRAXAS series ("The Beginning", "Definitions", and "Affaires de Coeur") are combined in one volume, complimented with scenic imagery throughout!

Christine Vargas is an independent, young, working-class girl, violently swept into another world--a world deemed unrealistic and impossible by many, a world under the mundane one she is so used to. During her physical transition, she has to come to grips with new powers she has been bestowed, and join up with her new 'Lord'--Ryan Price, a gentleman of high social status--and twice her age. Her 'new family' is a motley crew of young vampires, and among the family are two rebellious twins trying to dethrone Ryan and take over the clan with their own legion of bloodthirsty (and drug-hungry) vamps. Only Christine can determine the outcome of the oncoming battle and must chose quickly before the unthinkable happens. This is only the start of the strange, twisted, and mystical life Christine is now a part of, as scarier situations present themselves to her, Ryan, and their delicate ABRAXAS clan---and sometimes, the 'monsters' aren't quite what you'd expect...

ISBN: 978-1-4357-2847-9
$14.95 (PRINT)

PRAISES FOR "The ABRAXAS Series: Books 1-3"
"Often-willful Christine Vargas embarks upon her Cinderella-like rise to good fortune with many misgivings, and I enjoyed her conflict at being thrust into a completely different, if rather opulent, world. What I appreciated about her as the viewpoint character was her working-girl humor. She never loses her naďveté, which is a definite endearing quality. Christine’s story is supported by a host of varied, quirky characters, whose interactions often result in often amusing interchanges and somewhat unpredictable situations...Highly inventive, she’s successfully taken the vampire mythos away from the usual direction I see all too often in the urban fantasy genre. This one’s a Gothic Cinderella, with some bite." --YouGottaRead Reviews
“Gripping! Compelling!…Natasha, Christine, Ryan, Dartanian, Diana and all the other characters seem to jump off the page in the action packed scenes provided by Santiago right from the beginning.  You really won’t want to stop reading this while its edge-of-the-seat tale unfolds. Sexually explicit at times, these scenes were breathtaking and well done. Vampire followers should follow ABRAXAS in its eternity of life and life-situations.”--Mind Fog Reviews
"Cinsearae Santiago delivers a dark, sexy and bloody tale that will leave most paranormal junkies absolutely hooked. The ABRAXAS Series is loaded with interesting characters that will surprise you at the turn of every page. Definitely, a slap in the face of those who have attempted to discredit small publishing houses, ebook publishers and/or self-published authors; Ms Santiago’s writing is original and professional. She presents a well written story that finds a happy medium between fantasy and mysticism. A “must read” for anyone who enjoys fiction that teaches while it entertains."~The Pagan & The Pen
Philadelphia—the City of Brotherly Love—unless you’re either a Primitive or a Sophisticate in the Abraxas Clan. Ryan Price has been juggling both for two years, though something—actually someone has been missing from his life and that of the Clan. Upheaval comes when Christine Vargas runs afoul of an out-of-control Primative, only instead of being like her maker, she’s so much more—and not taking it lightly. Together they work to straighten out both sides while coming to terms with her new found powers, his love and need for her as well as several out-and-out nasty enemies.
I usually am not one for first person writing but once I started The Abraxas Series: Books 1-3, I could not put it down and wanted more. Cinsearae Santiago writes a fast-paced spellbinding story that pulls you in and leaves you wondering what happens next. I personally am looking forward to Book 4 because I need to find out what happens next and if it is safe for me to go into the City of Philadelphia in the near future. Way to go, and if I had a scale, Abraxas would definitely be off it—it’s awesome. ~Christy Poff, author of the EYES OF DARKNESS series

"...It's unique, dark, gritty, funny, and creepy, balanced out at all the right moments. This is a world I was happy to step into, and will be sad as hell if it ever ends. But for now, I'm enjoying the ride, and it's a ride well worth taking."--The Purple Raven
"I really enjoyed the book, it was a quick read and it was definitely very dark...The fight scenes are unbelievable and not for one with a weak stomach...Christine is full of the power of Abraxas as is Ryan, the man she quickly falls for. Their magic intensifies their attraction and brings a different kind of passion to the love scenes. As Christine maneuvers her way through her new life she realizes just how much she was missing in her former life...I do recommend this book. I believe it was well worth the time spent reading it. It was exciting from the first page to the last."
"...I absolutely love how descriptive this book is. I actually felt like I was a part of all the action scenes. It was almost as if I was watching a movie rather than reading a book....I enjoyed the love story like any other romance novel, the paranormal flare only added dimensions to it....I can sincerely say that I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. My attention was definitely intrigued." ~Shaprice, Reviewer for RWA Bookclub
"...This was most definitely an interesting read, one that was quite hard to put down. Ms. Santiago created such a unique vampire story and obviously has an imagination unlike anyone I have ever known!...The connection between Christine and Ryan was undeniably strong and I couldn’t get enough of either of them...I am sure that anyone who enjoys paranormal romance would love this book. I do highly recommend the book and look forward to reading the fourth book of the series."~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews
"...Ms. Santiago created a world more interesting than just a typical vampire story that we have all come to know and love. These vampires consist of two separate communities - sorry, for my lack of a better term - and they are the primitives and the sophisticates. I'm sure that I don't have to explain the difference - I think the names pretty much speak for themselves. This world is built and based around a family of vampires. Her characters are amazingly drawn out into this world, where the humans, witches and vampires collide. The plot of the story kept getting thicker and thicker, when you thought they were through with the fighting - you turned the page and you were wrong! Something was always around that dark corner to jump out at you! This was and is going to be on my fave's list!"~Ruthie's Book Reviews
"Now THIS is what vampires should be all about…Hot, sexy, brash, violent and ghastly…this is the type of vampires I want to read about…the kind that truly scare the crap out of you, make you want to be them. In this first book you are sucked into an underworld of pain and delight…the type of place where love and life won’t touch you (it‘ll beat the hell out of you), shadow will envelop you and your body and soul will be traded like an old baseball card. And guess what…you’ll like it.  Just trust me when I say that the pictures that accompany this book ... make this book come alive in your hands. The sights, the feel of the atmosphere…it’s all brought to wretched circle in this first book and I can’t wait to read the others. Move over vampires kings, queens and underlings..a new ruler has come to play (take over more like) and her name is Cinsearae Santiago. Realistic and cruel…I had so much fun being “had” by this book. Can’t wait to be had again…"~Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc for Twisted Dreams Magazine
"These days, the world appears virtually awash in vampire tales, so many of them of-a-piece that sometimes it’s hard to remember if you’ve read the story before! Consequently, it’s not just a relief but a true joy to read Cinsearae Santiago’s unique Abraxas series. Her protagonist Christine Vargas is sharp and sassy and tells it like it is, even though she is caught in a world of darkness. Christine is a refreshing no-nonsense character, afraid of neither the living nor the undead, and full of down-to-earth integrity. If you love your vampire fiction full of conflict and romance, I recommend that you give the Abraxas books a read." ~Nancy Kilpatrick, Author of The Power of the Blood series and The Goth Bible
“I found myself drawn into Ms. Santiago’s dark tale. The Abraxas Series offers a different slant on the paranormal; it hits the ground running and keeps the reader enthralled. The characters are well rounded; the story telling will keep you in suspended anticipation.  It leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended!”~Corvis Nocturnum, author of Embracing the Darkness; Understanding Dark Subcultures and Promethean Flame
"This is an engrossing and often extremely violent tale...The characters are well written and come to life on the page, and there is a great deal of action throughout the tale, as well as a moving love story." ~Maura, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
"My first thoughts of this book; absolutely, freaking amazing. I was hooked from page one and sad to see it end when I got to the last page. I am so glad that Cinsearae Santiago is planning on a fourth novella. This is a book that I plan on reading again and again just because it is that good. This is definitely a book for someone who is in touch with their bad side, and can appreciate the sexy, gothic side to life. I absolutely loved the characters. I think Christine and Ryan were sexy, sensual, powerful, and very appropriate for their positions.  I loved the description of their love scenes.  If you are someone who is not afraid to read spicy material and allow your blood to heat up, then get cozy and read this book!~ Ashley Merrill, Reviewer for
"The Abraxas Series is, to me, a fresh new spin on the Vampire Legends; it is a humorous, fast paced collection of stories that far surpasses some of the Vampiric novels I've read in recent times. For example, I had to chuckle when Christine stands just a little too close to one of her victims...I enjoyed this series very much and wouldn't hesitate to review more of Ms Santiago's work in the future."~Carrie White, Writer & Reviewer for
“An engaging supernatural tale. Exotic and erotic.”~Mario Acevedo, Author of THE UNDEAD KAMA SUTRA
“Ms. Santiago adds a few new twists to the ever popular vampire genre and gives it a unique spin all its own. The way the story ends is a total surprise and very creative if not macabre.”~Rachel, reviewer for
"Each book builds in intensity until the story explodes off the page and makes you eager for more... romance is mingled with suspense and creepy situations, making this a gripping read. Sinister and attention-grabbing, The Abraxas Series will definitely keep you entertained. Once you read it, I'm sure you'll be as eager as I am to pick up the fourth novella in the series."~Margaret Marr, reviewer for Nights and Weekends
“A unique story based on the vampire legend.”~Arianne, reviewer for Night Owl Romance



Christine Vargas is an independent, working-class young woman, tired of her boring 9 to 5 mundane lifestyle until a vicious attack on her sends her sprawling into a world darker and more mysterious than she could ever imagine, unleashing powers within her she never deemed possible. She meets Ryan Price, a handsome, distinguished gentleman, Lord of a small clan of vampires--and twice Christine's age. She questions their odd attraction to each other, soon learning the same mystical forces that rendered her powerful are the same ones within Ryan. While in the midst of getting to know each other, Ryan faces problems of his own--two of his clan members-- dubbed The Geminis--are planning to overthrow him and his new Lady in order to claim the clan for their own. Christine now must deal with a few challenging questions that will determine the fate of the clan, as well as the budding relationship between her and the mysterious Ryan Price...

    A pair of glittering green eyes emerged from the woods off to our left. Dartanian. He had a yard-long tree branch in his hand.
    “NO!” I screamed, then a sackcloth covered my head. I felt a punch to my stomach and doubled over in pain.
    “Mousy bitches never win,” came a female’s voice.
    I felt teeth sink into my neck. I screamed.
    “Christine!” I heard Ryan say, before he cried out in agony.
    “Sticks and stones, old man,” Dartanian said, and laughed.
    I reached out, and found Diana’s hair. I yanked her away from my neck with one hand while trying to get the sack cloth off my head with the other. Ryan would die if I didn’t get to him, and I was panicking too much to focus.
    Diana started choking me again. She may have had some of our powers, but she wasn’t using them at all.
    I yelled in a rage, getting the cloth off, and grabbed her neck. I looked her in the eyes, head-butted her, and she fell off of me. I rolled over, got up, lifted her body with a gesture and sent her sailing through the air, slamming her hard against a tree trunk. I heard the air leave her lungs as she fell forward, flat on her face.
    Kiera and Edward were tending to Ryan, sending the powers we gave them back into him. Good. That gave me time to get--
    I looked around. Where was that sneaky shit, Dartanian?
    He leapt out from nowhere, right onto my back. I landed hard, almost getting the wind knocked out of me. He bit into my shoulder, and I screamed.
    “My Lady!” Edward said, jumping up.
    “No! Stay with Ryan!” I said, trying to shake this other crazy jackass off of me. He leaned forward, biting me again. I could feel my blood draining down my neck, into my bra.
     I screamed out in anger again. He was tough to shake loose. He bit me on my other side. The pain was excruciating, like being punctured with hot nails.
    I envisioned myself surrounded in flames. In seconds, Dartanian howled, and jumped off of me. I rolled over just in time to see his upper body on fire. He dropped to the ground and began rolling back and forth to kill the flames. That gave me enough time to get up and make my way to him.
    I smelled his burnt flesh as he lay there smoking, blackened and crusty. Panting heavily, he looked up at me, those green eyes of his expressing raw fear. I picked up the branch he used to stab Ryan with, raised it, and slammed it into his right eye. There was barely enough room for bloody fluids to leak out around the socket. I never heard a guy shriek so loudly.


The saga continues as Christine and Ryan continue to develop their relationship, sharing intimacies and special moments like love-struck teenagers. Things take a more serious turn when an invitation to an elite Christmas charity ball halts their happiness, Christine now worried that her and Ryan's contrasting social status will be painfully recognized at the gala. Even worse, an old flame is at the Ball, with quite a few surprises that will force Christine to rethink the reasons why she should stay in Ryan's life. To complicate matters more, Edward is developing a crush on Christine, and she also discovers that Ryan's old flame is actually a witch, intending on removing Christine from Ryan's life permanently.

     No sooner than the warmth of the mansion  kissed my face, I saw a few of our clan walking around, discussing what would be that night’s events.
    “I do believe you have an engagement with Kiera?” Ryan asked me.
    “Oh…I do, don’t I?”
    “Have fun, my love,” he said, then kissed my hand while giving me such an intense stare, I actually felt as nervous as I did the very first time I laid eyes on him. I noticed his eyes gave that flicker from greenish-gray to a bright amber, meaning his hunger was slowly rising.
    He leaned forward towards me and closed his eyes, inhaling and sighing deeply. I could feel the waves of power emanating from my body, his own energies immediately reacting to mine. A merging was calling, a mutual feeding from each other. My heart raced and I backed away slowly. Ryan snapped himself out of his trance as I swooned.
    “Go now,” he said quickly, looking away. “She’s waiting.”
    “Ryan… what was that?” I asked softly.
    “I think you already know,” he answered in the same soft tone, looking to me again. His eyes were a solid amber now, but not in their glowing state. “Go to Kiera. I will be fine.”
    “Are you… sure?” My heart was racing faster as I touched his arm, knowing what he needed… what we both wanted.
    He grabbed me by my shoulders and pressed me to the wall. I gasped at his sudden actions, welcoming them just the same. Ryan slowly pressed his lips to my neck. He exhaled, his warm breath on my jugular making me shiver, my body heat rising, my energies growing stronger.
    His lips moved up to my earlobe, kissing it ever so slightly. He rubbed his cheek against mine, our powers dancing against each other, feeding each other with the desirous energies we radiated. Ryan pulled me away from the wall, crushing me to his chest as we engaged in a deep kiss. One of his hands managed to reach under my blouse and undo my bra. His fingers graced the middle of my back, going up and down my spine, making my legs weak. He held me firm, not allowing me to leave his embrace until our kiss was complete. I ran my fingers through the back of his silky-soft hair, gently gripping it. He responded by running his fingers down the side of my body, his hand caressing me just under my breast. He moaned, releasing me from his lip lock, quick kisses going down my neck to the middle of my chest.
    “I don’t want to stop,” he whispered, his eyes still closed, into the moment.
    “Is this us, or our powers?” I asked breathily, my head tilted back in utter bliss.
    “It’s both, my love,” he answered, finally stopping himself. We looked at each other, and I noticed his eyes were back to their usual color.
    “I feel like I’ve just had dessert before the main course,” he said, giving me his devilish smirk. “My apologies. I’ve held you up long enough.” Slowly, Ryan let me go. I found it amazing my legs were steady.
    I made it up the first four steps before he said, “Perhaps…we could enjoy the main course later… tonight.”
    I gave him just the tiniest grin before running the rest of the way up the stairs.


Still incensed over the allegations Natasha made of her and Ryan conceiving a child, Christine's dark, vengeful energies continue to increase, but not without Ryan suffering the consequences as well. Christine sets out with Edward to prove the woman is a fraud. They get to know more about each other while sharing a few awkward moments together, which in turn causes Ryan to turn into a 'green eyed monster' in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Natasha is on to Christine and Edward's game of exposing her, and refuses to back down without a fight, using some very deadly and frightening necromantic magic that might put and end to both Christine and Edward's meddling in her schemes.

   There was a sound of glass breaking in the foyer. We all turned to the noise. Edward was the first out of his seat to see what was the matter.
    “Edward, get back here!” Ryan said sharply.
    Edward had already disappeared. As the rest of us ran after him to see what the hell happened, we heard him shriek. When we got to the foyer, we saw about twenty guys, the last of them crawling into the window, and none other than Natasha having grabbed Edward by his hair, his head pulled back. She drew open a switchblade and mercilessly slit his throat.
    I screamed. Blood spurted from his neck like a bad horror movie special effect, and he dropped to the floor with a sickening thud.
    “EDWARD!” I was about to run to him, but Ryan caught my arm. Kiera stood frozen in place, her jaw dropped in shock.
    “You crazy bitch!” Kurt yelled, thrusting his arms forward. She flew backward, falling on her ass and hitting her head on the doorstop. She was unconscious for the moment.
    The guys came towards us, all the warmth draining from me in terror.
    These weren’t your typical thugs or hoodlums. These were the exact same guys Edward and I saw pictures of on Natasha’s altar. Damn it, why didn’t I listen to my instincts?! I should have destroyed everything at her house when I had the chance.
    What a perfect way for her to do a sneak-attack, since they had no energies for us to sense.
    “Shit,” I said. “They’re her zombies.”
    “What?!” Kurt shrieked. “Real living-dead? Oh hellll no! I don’t do zombies!” Frantically, he waved his arms around like he was shoving them away from us. In response, the zombies were strewn all across the room by an invisible force, landing on the couch, the floor, or got slammed against the walls.
    Ryan stood his ground, staring at them. He was trying to command them to turn on Natasha, but it wasn’t working.
    “What in bloody hell is going on?” he said, frustrated.
    “They have no vital essence, and no real will except what she commands,” I answered, then looked at the rest of the clan. “We gotta fight them. Hand-to-hand combat, just like Edward taught you guys!”



(Book 4 in the series)
ISBN 978-0-557-07369-6
$14.95 (Print)

Edward lies in a coma in the hospital, with Christine having a sneaking suspicion Ryan has something to do with Edward's current condition. Ryan continues to act strangely possessive of Christine to the point where it becomes too scary for her. Edward's spectral form constantly cries to Christine for help, leaving her with many sleepless nights... and to make matters more trying for her, Christine's best friend stops by for a visit, unknowing of her situation.

I got to the foyer and raced up the staircase. Dumb move! I should have ran out of the mansion! I felt as stupid as those girlie victims in horror movies who always ran up instead of out whenever they were trapped in a building or house, all the while being chased by some undead, crazy, serial killer. Common sense would have told anyone to leave. I guess it has a tendency to allude you when you’re in a panic.
     From a short distance away, I heard Ryan growl again, making the hairs on my neck rise. I didn’t know what his problem was--aside from me smacking him with my energy--but I didn’t want to use my more forceful powers on him either. Who knew what would happen to him, or what effect it would have on me.
    He bounded up the stairs by twos, grabbed my ankle, and I fell on the steps with a thump. He clambered over me, and flipped me over so I would be facing him. He held my wrists down. That solid, gross, zombie-like color was gone from his eyes, but his irises remained bright green. He wore his usual suspicious look and smirked, raising an eyebrow at me, giving a slight sniff of arrogance.
    “Going somewhere…my dear?” We were nose to nose.
    “I--I--” I stammered. The hard edges of the steps were really biting hard into my back and arms.
    “Did you honestly think these little games you and Kiera were playing around the house would work? Did you really think you had me fooled?” His grin grew wider.
    How long did he know? “So…we were both trying to play each other for fools. Whoop-de-fucking-do,” I replied in a snide tone.
    “A sad and pathetic raggedy bunch of so-called vampires can’t stop me,” he hissed. “You, who’s too afraid to use the powers you’ve been given, and your ‘mate’ being just as bad, while being absolutely sick in love with you. You both couldn’t have been an easier target.”
    “Target?” I echoed. “What the hell are you talking about?”    
    Demon Ryan's eyes flickered an even brighter shade of green. Any more and they’d look neon.
    “That stupid witch had abilities I already possess. Hanging around her was starting to prove useless, until I found out she knew your mate, Ryan Price, who has powers I’ve always dreamed of possessing. The powers of Abraxas.” He took a deep breath, calming down. “Then I discovered you share the same power!” His grin widened. “One of man’s biggest sins is jealousy, and once I realized how much he covets you, it was all too easy to invade him.” He ran his cheek against mine, and I heard him inhale deeply. God, nothing could describe how badly this was freaking me the hell out. I wished I had something nearby to knock him unconscious with.
    But then he distracted himself. “I love the scent of your skin. Like cherries and blackberry wine…” He ran the tip of his tongue around the edge of my ear, making me shiver. But it wasn’t Ryan’s tongue; it was too slender, too snakelike. Good thing I couldn’t see it---I might have screamed.
    “I can see why he’s so passionate about you,” he continued, pulling back slowly. He looked into my eyes, then, very predator-like, he covered my throat with his hand. I gasped, the knot in my stomach tightening more. He tilted my head to the side slowly, exposing my neck.
    “I could kill you right now with a flick of my wrist,” he whispered. “But it would be such a waste….”
    The look on Demon Ryan’s face was very calm and almost seductive. Now holding my shoulders down, he leaned forward, licking me from the base of my ear, then down the side, and around to the hollow of my neck. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it would explode.
    Slowly, his tongue slid up the middle of my throat. I grimaced. He continued going under my chin, following the curve of it, then brushed my bottom lip. I closed my eyes, too afraid to---
    Don’t look Christine, don’t look!
    Sometimes I wished I listened to my inner-self.
    It took all the strength and will I had in my bones not to shriek, as I caught a glimpse of that forked, blood-red, snakelike tongue retracting itself back into Ryan’s mouth.
    “I want to taste you, Christine,” he whispered softly, his breathing quickening, the look in his eyes deadly as he tightened the grip he had on my shoulders.
    I panicked, fearing the worst. Snakes could smell with their tongues, and I half-wondered if he was smelling my blood under the surface of my skin.
    I swallowed, then bravely gave a half-hearted laugh.    
    “You’ve done that---quite a few times now.”
    “I taste...a different essence,” he replied, and before I realized it, he flashed a pair of fangs and dove for my jugular.




"Something is definitely wrong with Ryan. A “souvenir” from the Abraxas clan’s encounter with Natasha attached itself to him. And with the jealousy he strongly feels against Edward, the demon spirit possessed him. Fortunately, Kiera knows something about trapping the demon, and with the love and loyalty the remaining members feel toward Ryan, we all know they are willing to help. Yes, life for the Abraxas clan has not quieted down ever since Christine joined them.And by the way, the challenges never stop for them. Just as it did with Book 3, Book 4 leaves us in a cliff hanger. If you want to know what happens, you need to read the next installment. As I did with the first three books, I was not able to put this book down. It just has that enthralling aspect to it. I am pretty sure you will find Ms. Santiago’s unique take on vampires extremely appealing, as well. I love the secondary characters Kiera, Kurt, and Jonathan. As in any vampire family, they bring color and flavor to the Abraxas series... I am really looking forward to reading the next book."~ (
"Things are getting a little weird around the mansion. Poor Christine is now seeing Edward's 'ghost' and he seems to be trying to tell her something. Her love, Ryan has been acting really strange too, especially when it comes to her. She feels like she has to sneak around and he's always acting so suspicious. Her friends, Kiera and the others of the family are trying to help her sort of all of this out. But then she gets this strange feeling that something is going to happen...and something she's not really looking forward too! Her best friend sends a postcard and says that she's coming for a visit. Now what?
So all in all, how is she really going to try and handle everything. Ryan isn't going to be much help and poor Edward is in a coma due to something that she fears involves Ryan. So in her quest to find out what Edward needs help with and how to handle her best friend, who doesn't know that she is a vampire, her 'family' and such are trying to find out what's wrong with Ryan and why he's acting the way he is!
Once again, the story is told from Christine's POV and is uniquely plotted to keep you on the edge of your seat. With all the ups and downs of the story, we see a little more into the life of Christine and her new found 'family' and bring some demons into the mix - well, that can spell disaster. But as this book ties into the last with what Ryan can really do, it starts to make more sense on why Ryan acts the way that he acts.
So if you haven't read any of these books yet, you need to! Way to go Ms. Santiago!"~(Ruthie's Book Reviews)
"Wow...freaky and creepy. What can I say? Demonic possession is the focus in this installment, as Ryan's covetousness over Christine makes him vulnerable to invasion by a demon of jealousy. (We start seeing hints of it in "Affaires de Coeur" from the last book) Afterward, matters get more pressing as the demon needs to be exorcised before it becomes a more permanent fixture by killing Ryan's soul--and Christine's!--in order to have a chance at gaining Abraxas' powers. The seductiveness of this demon in disguise is so unnerving and eerie, and Christine is sooo conflicted, I felt so bad for her!--I couldn't put this down yet again. I was however, disappointed to see that Edward's out of the picture for now, and I hope he won't be gone from the series entirely. But I am growing fond of 'Jonathan'--he seems like a weird, quirky kid....alas, as always, we're left on another cliffhanger, and I REALLY can't wait to see what happens in the next book!!! KUDOS!"~(The Purple Raven)


ABRAXAS: Judgment
Book 5 in the series

The waters are getting testier when Christine and Ryan have to face the remaining Elders of their House to assess the progress of  their Abraxas Clan, which someone has purported to be too chaotic and disorganized since Christine’s arrival. Magdalene, Kain’s mate, passes a special bit of judgment all her own when she offers Christine a ‘present’ that will test her faith, love and  devotion to the Abraxas Clan, as Christine is sent back in time…
before she became a vampire.

THE ABRAXAS SERIES: BOOKS 1-3 ---Trailers 1 & 2


Kiera Bracy: Age--19. Bright and cheerful, quick witted and spunky, she has been part of Ryan's Abraxas clan for little over a year. She is creative,magically inclined, and a faithful friend to Christine. On her flipside, she can get overly emotional and confused if she becomes too stressed while under pressure.
Edward Schaffer: Age--21. A bit quiet until he gets to know someone, he can be laid back and wisecracking at times. Artistically talented, he also has been a part of Ryan's clan for as long Kiera. He went to the same art school as she did before they became vampires. On his flipside, he can be a betrayer of his own feelings, and untrusting of those who use his weaknesses to their advantage.
Kurt McPherson: Age--23. Very extroverted, candid and friendly, he works in a nightclub in downtown Philadelphia. He doesn't like negative confrontations...or zombies. However, he has some very creative 'torturing skills'. On his flipside, if he gets scared too quickly, he can be of no help to anyone, including himself.(Introduced in Abraxas: Affaires de Coeur)
Christine Vargas: Age--33. Tough yet gentle, and emotionally complex, she still is trying to come to terms with her newfound vampiric abilities, as well as her growing (and even more complex) feelings for Ryan. She is a muser, cherishes moments of serenity, but  might be considered a worrier by some. On her flipside, she can be ruthless, distant, and very unforgiving of anyone if done wrong by them.
Ryan Price: Age--53. A self-made businessman, he is a gentleman and very romantic, generous, thoughtful, and also private. He is deeply in love with Christine, but sometimes his affections and occasional forwardness makes her nervous. On his flipside, he can be very conniving, emotionally dark, possessive, and even a bit lustful.


Dr. Joseph Luo:
Age-- 40. Doctor at Jefferson Hospital in downtown Philadelphia.
Grant O'Riley:
Age--40. Councilman in City Hall.
Derrick Banks:
Age 41. Councilman in City Hall.
Rebecca Stoltz:
Age--21. (Human) intern at Jefferson Hospital, and friend of Kiera. She does not know of Kiera's circumstances, as Kiera keeps to the 'secrecy' code of the clan.
Dennis de la Vega:
Age--18  A vamp fledgling, he suffered from chronic depression after both his parents died in a automobile accident. Extremely shy, Kiera takes him under her wing. A budding artist, he wants to go back to school.


Jonathan Gianni
: Age--19. Goofy Goth kid. Loves wearing black. A big fan of "A Clockwork Orange" and "The Crow", he sports eye tattoos of the main characters. Often feels 'lost' in a world that left him behind years ago, and expresses himself in the most strangest ways imaginable, not to mention having a few strange phobias and odd tastes in food. Likes to spend a lot of time online more than venturing out into the 'real world'. A bit of an agoraphobic.
Dino Johnson: Age--19. Very creative young man who likes acting, hanging out in clubs for inspiration, and making things out of  'nothing'. Often feels like no one understands him. Sometimes likes to get under Jonathan's skin on occasion because of Jonathan's eccentricity, which causes Kurt to keep him in check.
Kim Young: Age--20. Very in-tune with his surroundings and the earth. Very easygoing. Sometimes has premonitions, but is very superstitious, which makes him second-guess himself at times. Has a very, very, bad sweet tooth!

The Haywire Halloween--Trailers 1 & 2


Abraxas clanster Jonathan stumbles upon a skeleton key he believes was part of someone's Halloween costume. What it really winds up being is a demon's not-so-subtle way of getting Jonathan to do his dirty work for him. Jonathan's wishes start to give his Clan more headache and hassle than the 'fun' he hoped they would, as fellow trick-or-treaters and party-goers start becoming the things they're dressed up as---with horrifying results...and much MUCH worse...

AVAILABLE HERE (E-version) and also available in print at same link!



OH MY GOD....if you're a Halloween freak, you are in for an ABSOLUTE treat with this novella!...Whatever people are dressed up as, they become it, and heaven help you if you're wearing a rubber mask! Everything from paper bats to rubber mice come alive, and guessed it...the dead. (Which has the same affect for folks dressed up like zombies too!)...Despite all of the chaos, all the characters bounce off each other so well, you feel like youre right there with them, witnessing the mayhem. The vivid descriptions of everything happening is just awesome, and the action is nonstop....Halloween lovers, this book is so kick ass, it's OFF my 5-star scale, lol. This is a crazy as hell horror-comedy romp you won't be disappointed with.~

 I was not disappointed as I was hooked from the first sentence. With references to today’s pop culture this book was a fun read....The interaction between the characters was a good read, and even though this was a horror story it was not all dark and gloomy, lots of humor was thrown in. I truly enjoyed how a few of the characters each had their own things that they were scared of. From clowns to zombies each one had a fear.... Cinsearae R. Santiago brings the reader into another world and doesn’t let them go until the end. I truly enjoyed this book and will be on the look out for more from this author as well as reading the others in this series to see just how these characters became the group they are.~ The Pagan and the Pen

Much of the story contains light-hearted banter and cute one-liners, like the beginning question of “Dude, where’s my skull?” and the understandable, and personally shared, fear of clowns. What surprised me the most, though, was the absolute grittiness of the horror: not just blood and guts — there are caved-in heads and seeping entrails. If you have a squeamish stomach I would stay away from this story. Otherwise, dig in because it is a delicious mix of comedy and gore that makes you lick your lips and ask for more.~ Bitten By Books

Cinsearae Santiago provides readers a tiny glimpse into her fascinating world. The horror elements are well done as the author doesn’t include gratuitous violence but rather adds an element of humor to the overall ambiance of the tale. I actually found myself giggling guiltily at a couple scenes!...THE HAYWIRE HALLOWEEN introduces readers to a plethora of characters and yet each one is distinctive and well developed. The interactions between the characters give a lot of insight into their various personalities and help set the tone for the story. Jonathan’s character in particular is one that tugs at the reader’s heart. His youthful energy and loyalty to his friends make him endearing even when his fascination with Halloween leads to such disastrous consequences. THE HAYWIRE HALLOWEEN is my first foray into the Abraxas series but it will not be my last as Cinsearae Santiago shows she can weave together one heck of a great tale! (5 stars)~ Book



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ISBN: 978-1-257-91788-4

The Abraxas clansters star in their second stand alone novella. Abraxas clanster Jonathan is dying to check out a Halloween carnival, much to the disdain of the rest of the family. But the trip becomes more than a barrage of gorging on carney food, spinning rides, and disatrous belly-aches... as homunculous-stuffed prizes, an evil magician, and zombie groundskeepers make the evening turn out to be not quite as they expected. Jonathan will never hear the end of Kurt's zombie-hating rants after this doozy...




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Christine is not a fan of Valentine's Day, but Ryan wants to take her out--and will do anything to get her to go. Meanwhile Jonathan has been having an internet romance with a girl, and she wants to see him. Christine cooks up the perfect plan to do a double date at a nice little restaurant---but will it pan out? Lovers of fettuccine beware, and you might never look at gummy bears or packing peanuts the same way again...

Join the Abraxas Clan in a bit of merriment and holiday mirth as they manage to take a break from the usual beasties and creepy-crawlies to celebrate Christmas. (Just don't take any decorating tips from Jonathan--unless you WANT to scare your neighbors away...)


A big thank you goes out to everyone who joined in on Jonathan's and my chat at BITTENBYBOOKS.COM in October (2009). It was a pleasure talking to you all!

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